Glendale – Pasedena

Selling your car for cash in Glendale or Pasadena has never been easier thanks to the services of 310 Cash for Cars. We are a used car buying service that has been serving the greater Los Angeles since 2004. We make it simple to sell your car for a fair cash price, fast.

Cash for Cars Glendale Pasadena

Contact us at 310-204-2277 and let us help you get rid of your old car and replace it with some cash. We take all cars, vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles, regardless of the make, model or year, so give us a call today.

Trying to get rid of an old car is a problem that many people will encounter in their lives. There are many reasons that lead to people having old cars at their house. Sometimes you just can’t let go of your favorite car, or you have a project to fix an old car that you can never quite get started on.

For others they may have inherited an old car from their parents or family members, or unfortunately for some, mechanical issues or car accidents cause them to get left with a car that just doesn’t work anymore.

Whatever the case, it can sometimes appear to be a difficult task. Thankfully for you, we specialize in helping people solve these types of problems by offering you cash for your car.

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