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How to Sell Junk Cars for Cash

We buy junk cars like this crashed Altima

If your car is crashed, we pay cash.  Sell a junk car today.

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We Buy Junk Cars

It’s easy to recycle a junk car. Junk cars can be anything from an old car that’s an eyesore, that has sat in a driveway too long, to a  no longer useful, wrecked or broken car. We can help you get back a needed parking space and put some green stuff in your wallet. We buy cars all over Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles West Side. We make it easy, we pay cash for cars evenings and weekends. Folks like how we treat them and their old car.

Scrapping Big Old Cars

The sad thing is older gas guzzling cars that aren’t classic are out of vogue. Even if the parts from these whales are clean there are so few of the gas guzzling beasts on the road that the parts don’t really have resale value. Older domestic cars are usually more useful for their metal content as scrap value. Currently scrap metal prices are low nationally. We buy junk cars 2002 and newer.

Junk Vehicle Recycling

Some junk cars are recycled. The vehicle recycling process can benefit the environment as well as create local employment. Our junk car removal process utilizes scrap recyclers right here in Loos Angeles.  Our clean, reliable tow trucks and drivers are insured and licensed. The drivers are careful about your property as well as being efficient at removing junk vehicles. We make it go right. Call for a free quote.

How do I move my car with a flat tire or if it’s crashed?

We tow away disabled and damaged cars after a collision. If a car will not drive having the correct equipment to move the vehicle safely is part of what a professional does. We tow from impound yards, underground parking lots, behind barns. Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we are more than happy to try to help you.

Get Cash for a Junk Car

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Sell a Junk Car Fast