Selling a Car with a Lost Title

When you want to sell your car and you need your title it seems  inevitable it will disappear. Many folks believe its lying in the glove box of the car they want to sell. If so , it’s not a very good place to keep the ownership document of your car! A safe deposit box, under the mattress or even in a bible are much better places to keep the title to your old car. Titles can be replaced with a trip to the D.M.V. or Auto club. It may cost a few bucks and half a day standing in line. Be sure to bring the vin number, license plate number and your personal id. Some states require your insurance card as well, so bring that too! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of standing in line to replace your title you can hire a vehicle registration service to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles for you. Due to recent high levels of fraud the DMV is now requiring a notarized form accompany the reg service. Many reg services are notaries as well or you can find one locally. You can expect to pay $10 to $50, or more for a notary and from $15 to $100, or more for a licensed registration service. Our buyers are trained to assist you in filling out the necessary forms to replace your title at the point of sale.

Lost California Title


If your title is lost please tell our phone technician that your title is lost.  The technician will inform you what documents we will need to purchase your old vehicle from you. Please call us (310) 204-2277, for a free market quote on your old car as well as free lost title help!

If calling from office please add last name



We keep your contact info private. We call one time unless you request additional information.


Year Make/If your not sure check the vehicle registration. The model is usually on the trunk of the car.


If Outside California Please Indicate State
We like to make selling your car easy and fast. If you don’t have all of the above info or you have questions please call us at (310) 204-2277. We are available seven days a week to help you sell your car. We buy clean cars, damaged, crashed, salvage and junk cars!