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November 10, 2018
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May 18, 2019
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Fun & Mind Games on the Freeway



By all means, driving on the freeway is no safe place to play games.

What with everyone looking at their phones and not the road these days, it’s gets a little dangerous out there and you don’t wanna be accidentally slamming into a semi all because Buford the truck driver is winning at Candy Crush.  But there are games you can safely play, things you can do, to pass the time whether you’re stuck in thick as concrete traffic or whizzing along like the roadrunner over the desert horizon.   And, when I say games, of course, I mean head games. One of the most effective and fun things to do when you’re stuck in LA traffic is to phone a friend to whom you owe a phone call, but have been putting off because you just can never find the patience for predicted small talk.

Unlike this vilolater, make sure you’re hands free!

Call that friend you wanted to catch up with…

as you patiently await the long dead train to the 134/101 interchange. Knowing, that you can literally cut it off at a moment’s notice simply by telling them you are “about to go through the canyon”. Works every time. Another fun little practical prank is to answer an incoming call completely surprised? Sort of like, “Who gave you THIS number!” That usually confuses your friends or makes them laugh. Sometimes both.

Find a Friendly Bathroom

You can also trick people into thinking you’re in the neighborhood by chance. Need their bathroom? “I’m in the hood! Haven’t seen you in a while! How you been?” Arrive, park, knock on their door. “Hey! Good to see ya’.   Can I use your bathroom?

In the Air Tonight

Aside from phone games, you can entertain yourself by finding songs on Spotify or YouTube that are great driving songs, especially ones which relate to an iconic film scene. The classic example is Phil Collins, Take a Look at Me Now from Taylor Hackford’s 1984 classic drama with iconic car chase comes to mind. Collins’ In the Air Tonight, and time the explosive middle drum bits to the drama of arriving on Sunset Blvd. in the middle of Saturday night. Or Dead Man’s Curve by Jan and Dean as you wind your way round the between Beverly Hills and Westwood sides of Sunset, just before U.C.L.A.  And of course, The Eagles’ Take it Easy as you roll to the beach alone at midnight can center your lost and weary spirit.

Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic.”
― Dan Rather

Mood in driving is everything…

to us Southern Californians especially since our consciousness are all rooted in either the process of the business or the end product of Hollywood. Just don’t get caught fantasizing you’re Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A floating turn of the last century roadster over the 405 can not only be quite the unusual site, your friends might think you’ve once again become lost in the clouds.

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