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Good Driving Music

ISS 3089 00632

ISS 3089 00632

Good Music is Your Engine

Whatever kind of car you drive, your driving experience can vastly be affected by what music you listen to as you drive.   Some of us like relaxing jazz, others like pounding rock n roll.  Still others listen to podcasts.   Whatever the driving music, it can affect issues such as safety, but also your general mood.

You are the commander

I’ve always felt that being in a car, driving down the road to wherever, whether it’s a short jaunt to the store or a long desert drive to Vegas, music plays a key factor in how you feel, and therefore, how you drive.  Music can relax you, but if it relaxes you too much, it can distract you from the road.   That’s no good.  If it’s aggressive rock n roll or Rap, it can subconsciously force a little more metal to the pedal than needed.  It’s good to choose good music to make the time on the road go by quicker, but it’s also important to choose wisely.

Music affects your mood

Walking in L.A. by Missing Persons always gives me a sense of purpose in L.A. when I’m driving down Melrose, slowly gawking at all the gawkers as they stride their Doc Martins into hipster shop after hipster shop.  Other driving songs such as this classic from Deep Purple magically gives me invisible powers to avoid the Highway Patrol.  And, if I’m feeling like a big ole badass on a mysterious escape trip, there’s nothing like this iconic Steppenwolf classic. But, if I just want to chill, holding the wheel with one hand at 6 o’clock, this is probably the song for me that just makes me relax and realize nothing is that important.  Spirit in the Sky


But, if I were to personally choose which song makes me feel alive when I’m driving it’s this one by New Jersey’s own, Bruce Springsteen.  Sure, there’s Bobby Darren’s Across the Sea, but I gotta give it to Bruce on this one.  Born to Run is the ultimate driving song. Born to Run

Drive safely,


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