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December 6, 2015
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Jay Leno Never Jokes About Classic Cars



Except last night.  

I just happened to drop by The Hollywood Improv and my old boss was doing a “drop-in spot”.  That’s a comedy business term for a non-scheduled comic celebrity suddenly appears and shows the new kids how it’s really done. And that’s exactly what I saw.

I had forgotten how good Jay Leno is as a “club comic”.   That’s another inside term meaning: “the guy actually has actually mastered the art of stand-up comedy and didn’t just become another one of those pasty-faced celebrities who got there via less than artistic hard work on the actual craft of comedy.”

Jay was great.  As I stood in the back of the room, I carefully watched him perform and clocked every word, idea, beat, and when I noticed an anomoly or a “door opened, but not walked through”, I made a mental note.  One of his jokes which didn’t need no fixin’ at tall was about a young nurse who recognizes him in his classic car on Victory Boulevard at a red light.  I’m not gonna give away his punchline.   But I will tell you I saw that joke on another level.  The classic car level.

Classic Cars is what we do.

We believe that Classic Cars are the arc of the covenant of car finds.   Like a family member whose passed on, your old classic car is sitting under a protective tarp in your hermetically sealed garage.   But, you need more storage space since you’ve cleaned out your office and “Grandma” is coming to live with you.  Frankly, you’re feeling a little guilty.  You want to give the classic car gathering dust — that old dependable friend of yours — a new lease on life.

Do that, by calling 310 Cars for Cash.

We specialize in Classic Cars.  Although we buy all cars, vans, trucks, semi’s, any car virtually, Classic Cars are our favorite.   We take pride in offering you the best price for your pride and joy.  We arrange everything.   No need to deal with the DMV.   We even do that for you.  310 Cash for Cars buys dozens of cars a week.   We know the market.   Call us.  We’ll take care of your baby.   After all, I’m sure Mr. Jay Leno would approve of nothing less.

Call 310 Cash for Cars for your classic vehicle.  That’s (310) 204-2277.

Watch Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube

Jay Leno is not affiliated with 310 Cash for Cars in any way.  

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