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Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide


Travel Guide: Los Angeles, California

Travel Guide: Los Angeles, California

Its nickname is “The City of Angels.” Join as we learn more about Los Angeles, California.
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  1. sara sinkkonen says:

    I love los Angeles♡ great video:)

  2. LSBonnPower says:

    I wish I could live there. Unfortunately, I’m no US citizen.

  3. MCBlaze says:

    GTA V

  4. MrSean5123 says:


  5. Natasha Kolm says:

    i want to go theeeereeee

  6. RED DEVELS says:

    its a set up

  7. Sophie Mac says:

    My dream home, ill be there soon ( i hope)

  8. руслан Хилажев says:

    I love Los Angeles so much and I want to go there

  9. Daisy M Fuentes says:

    I wanna go back :'( miss my homestate so much …:'(

  10. mgogn says:

    Hello guys

    Can you Please Check my first Traveling Video that I made.. Its on my
    channel… I need your support.. Thanks Guys

  11. Kyle Hubbard says:

    I live in detroit (east coast) I wanna live where the weather is good.

  12. CHAPPABABY II says:

    My girlfriend lives in Los Angeles and I live in Virginia(near Washington
    D.C.) I’m only 16 and getting to her feels impossible ??

  13. Ruben valenzuela says:

    I live there u would love it lots of famous people this city is known for
    talent and earthquakes