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June 4, 2017
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NoHo, but You Will Find a Peach of a Deal

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ISS 4644 01073

North Hollywood is a Peach

Driving along Lankershim Boulevard, one would never know that where a million young actors search for parking for the acting audition they’re late for, North Hollywood was all about Peaches.  Farmland and peaches were the main staple of the area.  In 1887, land developers James Boon Lankershim and Isaac Newton Van Nuys developed the farmland into parcels and soon enough the seeds of what would become a media epicenter was born.  All from a peach.

From Peaches to Emmys

Today, North Hollywood boasts the home of such media giants as The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, more commonly known to us as The Emmys.  Medium size legitimate theaters such as The El Portal and respected acting schools such as Stuart Rogers and James Franco school of acting, are a mere two examples of what has truly become ShowBiz central.  With the subway stop, the North Hollywood Metro Station, connecting the world of peaches and actors with the likes of vibrant downtown and mid-Wilshire, you can bet to see some real action when it comes to cross-towners and cross-pollination of peoples and culture.  As I’ve always said, when it comes to showbiz, everyone wants to work together.  Which reminds me of a great company I stumbled upon a few months ago.

310 Cash for Cars NoHo

310 Cash for Cars is the best of both worlds.   They have the knowledge and professionalism of the best vehicle salvage companies, but they also have the homespun touch that really makes a difference.  Last year, when I wanted to finally get rid of my old car, the one that was sitting in the driveway for years, I called 310 Cash for Cars.  They offered me a decent price and within an hour, I had cash in hand and that old driveway headache gone forever.

310 Cash for Cars is a staple of North Hollywood, much like the Emmys.  But, they’re also a peach.  I love them.  I’m sure you will too.

Be safe out there.

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