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Selling my car cash how should i go about it?

Question by : Selling my car cash how should i go about it?
My buddy has sold a few cars on Craigslist, I’m selling my 2001 Mustang GT for $ 9500, cash only. My friend says the buyer usually counts the money to him, hands him the envelope, then he signs the title over. Maybe I’m being paranoid but is this how people usually go about it? Or should i check each bill for counterfeit?

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Answer by Marsha
Meet with a person you know and trust and have them count the money also before you sign over your title. Since your friend has good experience you should have him help you with that. A 2001 mustang GT in excellent shape is only valued at 5,867.00 unless it’s the convertible which is 7,170.00. (private party)

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