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The Hollywood Dog Will Wag Your Mind

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The Hollywood Dog Will Wag Your Mind

Put down that copy of Mad Magazine.  Throw away that copy of Popular Mechanics.  Burn that copy of Vanity Fair.  There’s a new journalistic cowboy in town.  The Hollywood Dog.  Founded by a team of frustrated creative and successful online business types, The H-Dog is the Internet’s new portal into the varied and whacky world of the culture and business of living and making it in Hollywood.  In specific, being a comedian. Because after all, Hollywood is not just a mythical idea, a virtual city centered around the film and television industry and the support beam dreams.  Hollywood is also a proper city.  And what would Hollywood be without its comedians?  Without Charlie Chaplin?  Without Steve Martin?  Without Eddie Murphy?  Rudderless.

Comedians and comedy content creators will be featured in future issues of The Hollywood Dog.  We love our comedy here at the Dog and we intend on highlighting and showcasing and interviewing some of the best up-n-comers in the very competitive world of that hot mic on a stage.  Whether it’s the hottest comic in the world on stage at The Comedy Store or the newest adventurers in the art-form, reciting their jokes to a crowd made up of other comedy newbies at a bowling alley somewhere in the Valley, The Hollywood Dog is your guide.

Most of the general public aren’t even aware there are actual different types of comedy shows going on around town.  Someone mentions “comedy show” and what do you think of?  A dozen or so really hot stand-ups at one of the six major comedy clubs?  An alternative cabaret hybrid of neurotic story-tellers?  A political comedy show?  An all female comedy show?  A comedy veterans comedy show?  A naked comedy show?  How about all the above.  And more.  Comedy in Los Angeles is as varied as its cultures and neighborhoods.

Our goal here at the Hollywood Dog is to educated, elucidate, and validate Los Angele’s very competitive and varied comedy scene and explain it to you.    You’ll read and see interviews with comedians and comedy content creators.  You’ll read reviews of a one-off comedy performance or an update on a long-standing comedy show.  And the best part?  We’re gonna keep it fun.  Fun and funny.  We’re not all business here.  We’re in it for the laughs too.

So, whether it’s a piece about the latest comic on the scene or a review of the latest Ghostsbusters, we here at The Hollywood Dog want you to be informed and we want to entertain you as we do that.  Stay tuned and sign-up on our mailing list for special offers and special events.

Thank you for your support and as the entire staff at The Hollywood Dog says every day: “aahh-OOOOOOH! Werewolves of London….”

Sag, Managing Director

Steven Alan Green




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