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Cash for Cars, Pasadena, a simple car sale. Call or click, describe the car you are selling. You’ll receive an offer to purchase your vehicle right over the phone or by Internet. If you like our offer, we’ll come to your home or office to pay you cash as quick as one hour.

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How much is your car worth?

Our top-flight team of car buyers will take the wheel for you.  310CashForCars valuates your car based on:

  1. Year, model and make of your vehicle.
  2. Condition of the body and interior.
  3. Mechanical issues.
  4. Fair market value based on industry standards.
  5. Can we make you smile?  That’s the most important thing.

Call us now fast car cash Glendale, La Canada, Foothill.

Culture, Sports, and Science.  Pasadena is one of America’s most beautiful and diverse cities.  With Glendale, California not far behind, thanks to 310CashForCars. Serving Greater Los Angeles since 2004, selling your car for cash in Glendale or Pasadena has never been easier.

We make it simple

Don’t be fooled by the 310 area code.  310CashForCars serves all of the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.  Carefully considering all conditions of your vehicle and based on fair market price, we offer the best deal.  Vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles, regardless of the make, model or year.  We Understand, trying to get rid of a beater is a problem that people will encounter in their lives. There are many reasons that lead to people having unused vehicles at their house. SELL IT NOW WITH ONE QUICK PHONE CALL

Sell a Classic Car

Some may have inherited a classic from their parents or family members, or for some, mechanical issues or car accidents leave them with a relic that just doesn’t work anymore.  As a result, it can sometimes appear to be a difficult task. Consequently, we specialize in helping people solve these types of problems by offering you fair cash for your old car

How it Works

310CashForCars covers all L.A. including Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, points beyond.

Give us a call  (310)204-2277 if you want to sell your car we’d like to buy it.

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