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How to sell a car fast online

Sell My Car
by Mr Ush

How to sell a car fast online

Selling a car privately is not for everyone. There are many pitfalls and problems that even the experienced can get caught out. Using an online used car buyer is one way to cut down the problems, however not all online buyers operate the same way so be very careful.

Here are some common differences;

1) If you like will come to your address – This puts you in a powerful negotiating position. Many online used car buyers require you to bring the car to them!

This puts you in a poor position to negotiate and the slightest mis-description of your car will be harshly judged with many reducing their offers by up to £300 per scratch/mark.

2) will also come to your address at a time convenient for you – Most online car buyers require you to bring your car to them during their opening hours! offers a service for people who need to sell their car fast, 24 hrs a day , 365 days a year. It’s a service, so it’s when it’s convenient for you, not us!

3) will pay by cash or bankers draft, whichever you prefer – Many online buyers insist on paying with bankers drafts.

Again we are offering a service, so it’s what you want, not what we would like.

4) will stand by their quotes if the car is accurately described – Some online buyers will take advantage of certain circumstances.

For instance, if you are selling due to immigration and have arranged for the car to be bought at the airport, you are going to need someone you can trust to pay the agreed price.

5) will price any mis-descriptions fairly – Not all online buyers are so forthcoming.

Any changes to our agreed price will be explained, with explicit costings. Remember you do not have to sell to, you will likely be at your home address at a time that suits you. If we can’t agree a price no hard feelings!

6) offers a polite and courtesy service – Not all online buyers are friendly, some are downright rude; by all means phone around and see for yourself!

After more than 20 years in the used car industry, knows what service is about,. When you call you will always find a friendly tone and helpful service, EVEN if we do not buy your car.

7) buys cars requiring mechanical attention, MOT failures, bodywork issues, left hand drives, classic cars and other unique vehicles – Not all online buyers are interested in these areas and will not give a fair valuation.

At we believe that every car has a value.

I have been working in the used car trade for over 20 years.

I have many contacts within the second hand car industry and look to use them when assessing the prices of cars that are offered to me for sale.

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