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June 5, 2013
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September 10, 2013
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How can I get into restoring classic cars?

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How can I get into restoring classic cars?

Question by hotshot: How can I get into restoring classic cars? I have always been fascinated with classic cars and was curious how someone got into restoring them as a part time hobby. I have NO experience whatsoever with building or even repairing cars but I really want to learn. Just from doing basic research it seems VERY complicated (bent frames, rusted steel, missing original parts etc…). Any ideas on how to begin? How much would an initial investment on necessary/required tools run?

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contact Billy Thompson At White Post Restorations in White Post, VA or
Mr Thompson is one of the oldest restorers in the USA
Another one to contact is

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  1. kwhotrods says:

    I have been restoring cars for a long time,and love it.I would start by going to car shows looking how cars are restored and talking to the people who restored them.Also read every old car magazine you can get your hands on.Then buy an old car and get going.

  2. says:

    if this is an at home garage project and need advice or questions you may email is alot of fun if your doing it as a hobby.i have done it everyday for the past 16yrs. and you dont get to enjoy it when it is your job because your so rushed by customers and cheap insurance companies not paying.