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310Cashforcars.com 310 Cash for Cars is part of the Los Angeles community. We take pride in our cash for cars service. We make it easy for you to sell an old car. We pay cash for junk cars too!  Open 7 days. Call us at (310) 204-2277. We like to think we're the fastest cash for cars in Los Angeles. Free Online Price Quote  Call or Click for a Free Price Quote. If you like … [Read more...]

The Capriciousness of Life.

Venice The Capriciousness of Life. I was down in Venice yesterday on a foggy Saturday morning, down there to attend a training video for a new food processor I’ve been hired to test. I parked on Sunset near 4th Avenue, not far from Gjusta, where I went to eat. They sell loaves of bread for ten dollars there. And along Sunset I passed a man and a woman and a tent, … [Read more...]

Verdad y Vida

Verdad y Vida Near the corner of Saticoy and Sepulveda actors in Verdad y Vida (truth and life) washed cars, stood outside the Tangiers Motel, rode to the D&K Liquor store on bike, and dramatically flashed police car lights to pull over, frisk and handcuff a suspect and his large bag. And a little man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth confronted me as I … [Read more...]

Van Nuys, Tijuana.

Van Nuys, Tijuana. North of Victory, along such streets as Langdon and Orion, there are beautiful homes, lovingly maintained, with lush plantings and comely architecture. But out on Sepulveda, between Lemay and Haynes, the meridian that breaks along the west side is like a hellish scene out of Tijuana. There are discarded toilets, papers and plastics, cans and bottles, … [Read more...]

Two New Large Scale Developments in Van Nuys

Two New Large Scale Developments in Van NuysThe San Fernando Valley Business Journal reported that two new proposed housing projects, one on Sherman Way west of VNB, the other near Oxnard and VNB, are in the works. Principals in the projects showed their plans to members of the Van Nuys Community Council the other night. Here is the article as it appeared in the SFBJ: … [Read more...]

A Quiet Enclave

A Quiet Enclave There’s a little area of Glendale or east Burbank or whatever you want to call it, a quiet neighborhood nestled into the confluence of Griffith Park, Victory Blvd, and Riverside Drive. Old, snug, shaded, smelling of horse and hay, hit with the low, dull roar of the nearby 134, its winding houses and cottages are silent, eccentric, redolent of the old Western … [Read more...]